Aposto.biz is a two-partner company operating in Turkey and Germany, founded by Gözde Avcıoğlu Avdel and Gamze Izgi. Gözde and Gamze, with over 20 years of engineering backgrounds, have laid the foundation for Aposto.biz by integrating their experiences in management, coaching, training, and mentorship gained at international corporate companies.

Gözde Avcıoğlu Avdel
Gamze Izgi

Our Vision

Our vision is to touch the life of Turkish people around the world, to guide young people and children to build a happy future and to support business professionals to build a meaningful life.

Our Mission

Unlocking and developing the potential of people of all ages and professions

What we are doing?

At Aposto.biz, we offer comprehensive and professional services at both individual and corporate level.

Our individual services include various types of coaching such as life, career and student coaching, mentoring for university students and guidance for those who want to live in Germany, job interview preparation, career selection tests and Erasmus project writing training. On the corporate side, we offer corporate coaching, team coaching and various corporate trainings for companies and teams, providing support in areas such as leadership role, change program management, digital transformation awareness. With these services, we aim to maximize the potential of our customers at both individual and corporate level.

Carefully selected Aposto professionals

One of the most striking features of Aposto’s business model is that it connects professionals with individuals seeking support. In addition to utilizing our in-house resources to provide services, Aposto.biz also provides opportunities for professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience in their fields. By developing a professional membership system, Aposto.biz enables experts who want to operate as coaches, mentors, trainers and consultants to register, create and sell their services after going through an approval process that confirms their expertise. Aposto Pro members have the opportunity to offer their services to a wide audience without dealing with bureaucratic processes such as site creation, promotion and financial transactions.

Our Inspiration

Welcome to Aposto, a name that embodies our core belief in the profound potential of learning and development. Our journey begins with a simple, yet extraordinary natural element: the pinecone. This unique formation, often overlooked in the vastness of nature’s bounty, holds within it a symbol of incredible depth and significance. It is the inspiration behind our name and our mission.

The pinecone, in its intricate design and pattern, mirrors the complexity and beauty of the human mind. This resemblance extends beyond the physical, touching upon the mystical. Historically, the pinecone has been a symbol of human enlightenment, representing the unfolding of our innermost potentials. At the heart of this symbolism lies the pineal gland, a small, pinecone-shaped organ nestled deep within the brain. Often referred to as the “third eye,” it is associated with the essence of consciousness and is thought to be the gateway to learning and development.

At Aposto, we draw inspiration from this powerful symbol. Just as the pinecone houses seeds that hold the promise of new growth, we believe every individual harbors the potential to learn, grow, and develop in ways that are yet to be imagined. Our mission is to nurture this potential, to enlighten minds, and to foster an environment where learning and development are not just encouraged but celebrated.

Our platform is designed to be a catalyst for growth, offering resources, tools, and a community that supports and inspires continuous learning. Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, develop new skills, or embark on a journey of personal development, Aposto is your companion, guiding you towards realizing your fullest potential.